A Propos de Mona Luison | Art Sculpture Textile (Emmanuelle Loison) | Upcycling

Like a book, each creation has a story to tell. Like stills captures, my sculptures reflect our history, the human condition on our relationship to the world.

My sculptures are made entirely using recycled objects from everyday life : small toys, used clothing (cut , embroidered) and cans(carved and shaped into beads), plastic bottle… They are filled with symbols that associate anatomy, natural disasters and major events.

My creations are organized into three themes : « Topicality », « Space exploration », « My Diary ».

In « Topicality » the characters or wearing sculptures  tell what happened in current news : fukushima, war in Syrie… This serie speak about our life , our world in with there is a massive  amount of information circulating non-stop -so much so that   it is hard to imagine their realities.

After all  2011 disasters I created  « Space explorer » I wanted to be more playful in my approach.

This serie is like a breath,it is a mean of to escape our reality…  To give  view of the world through the eyes of children.

« My Diary » is a more intimate work. This series of sculptures relates some important life -passages. Speak about my  interrogation on the meaning of life and death…