Mona Luison x Kommissar Hjuler

A Propos de Mona Luison | Art Sculpture Textile (Emmanuelle Loison) | Upcycling

BROTKATZE Collaborations shall be from September 1st to 31st, 2012 at fzkke Euskirchen.

For Brotkatze-Collaborations Kommissar Hjuler supply artists with Brotkatzen (Figures of dreid bread in form of cats) and Votzekatzen (Collages of three vaginas in form of a cat) to create assemblages/mixed media in their own style.

You can see Kommissar Hjuler  work’s:



-Sculptures: “Incubation” (Mona Luison x Kommissar Hjuler)

– Pictures…

– “Pregnant” When Brotkatze meet Votzekatze…  (Mona Luison x Kommissar Hjuler)

– “Birth” Votzekatze n°1 et n°2 (Mona Luison x Kommissar Hjuler)