“Un Rêve rouge” how to write a psychology paper A Propos de Mona Luison | Art Sculpture Textile (Emmanuelle Loison) | Upcycling dissertation writing for undergraduates buy college papers online This creation traces the events that have marked me in 2011. It is constructed from the character, his heart beating …It is the individual and you can hear his heart beat (TIC TAC placed on the sheet around it). Around it are represented the most significant elements passed which affected me : the tsunami in Japan, Syria,… He finds himself locked by a lot of information they can not understand reality, an exclusively negative reporting of the world without information joyful and positive. On November 4, 2011 six members of the crew go out of Mars 500 isolation. This mission was to reproduce the conditions of a trip to Mars. In the back of the jewelery is embroidered patterns of these different modules wheresix astronauts have spent 520 days.  A little toy astronaut made ​​the connection between the front and back of the necklace. Fascinating and mysterious the conquest of space has always fascinated man to break the monotony of everyday life, dreaming of a true humanism in which all people are found united.

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